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At Preevue we use the latest in Virtual Reality & Mixed Reality hardware to provide the best experience for the visualisations we produce. 


Using the HTC Vive VR headset, you're fully immersed into a virtual environment and can walk around CAD models built from plan or explore existing sites that have been laser scanned and processed using our in-house point cloud VR processing. 


We're also developing for Mixed Reality with the Microsoft Hololens. This allows us to overlay and pin CAD models to the real world. With the Hololens, you're able to look at how a proposed building suits the environment around it, look at holographic BIM and CAD models, and even see detailed beams behind walls in an already built structure.


Virtual reality

Our VR technology allows you to walk around CAD models and laser scans at real life scale. 



VR Hardware

Preevue use the HTC Vive VR systems for our visualisations. The Vive is the most advanced VR headset on the market, delivering unrivalled spatial tracking allowing you to explore visualisations at real life scale. 

Preevue have VR studios around the world equipped with our custom computers and software.


Mixed reality

Microsoft hololens


We're developing architectural and construction visualisations with the Microsoft's Mixed Reality platform, the Hololens. 

The Hololens enables you to view CAD models in real world space, with either scale or life size models pinned and tracked to the real world environment. 


The Hololens is also being used by Preevue Theatre for visualising how theatre set designs fit in performance venues.