virtual site visits


Preevue take laser scans of existing sites to create highly detailed point clouds that can be viewed in VR. This allows for people to go on virtual visits and walk around an incredibly detailed laser scan of anywhere in the world just through wearing a VR headset. 


Using the point cloud processing system we've developed, you're able to view raw point cloud laser scan data interactively in a VR headset with no data loss.

Point Cloud

CAD Models from Laser Scans

Laser Scan Part 1.png

scan point cloud

We register the on-site laser scans into a high density point cloud which we then process into a CAD Model.

Laser Scan Part 2.png

cad Wireframe

The 3D model is built using our in house scan-to-CAD system. 

This takes the measurement data from the point cloud and simplifies the geometry, creating a model that is as accurate as the point cloud but more CAD-friendly. 

Laser Scan Part 3.png

cad model

Finally we apply the colour and photo data taken with the scanner to the model. 

Processing of point cloud into a realistic 3D CAD model

Processing of point cloud into a realistic 3D CAD model