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PreeVue Log

Virtual visualisation


Preevue create interactive visualisations for virtual, augmented, and mixed reality technologies.


We work with your designer – whether that’s a set designer, architect, interior designer, production designer, event planner or contractor – to create a visualisation that’s tailored to your project.


With 1:1 photo-realistic visualisations you're able to physically explore a space when access to the site isn't possible or practical.


Whether it's to get a sense of the scale of a proposed new building, see a view from a skyscraper penthouse or to take clients on tours around a building on the other side of the world, Preevue's visualisations do it all. 


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Preevue Theatre is a branch of Preevue that creates visualisations for theatre productions. 


With Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality technology, you're able to check sight lines of a theatre without visiting it, go on virtual site visits to venues around the world, and you can walk around a set and give notes before construction starts.


Our in-house software gives designers tools to work develop their ideas in VR and our team produces visualisations from CAD plans, scale model boxes or scans of existing sets that are transferring to a new venue.


With a laser scan of an existing set and the new venue, it's possible to very quickly and easily see how the design fits in a new theatre.


We're currently working on a number of high profile theatre projects around the world, with the majority of our work based in London and New York.